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I am not speaking as a highly expert player, but rather someone who always wins against people with little or no experience, and against overly simplistic computerized versions. So the approaches I've learned can get you from beginner to intermediate. I'll start with simple stuff first: Corners are vital. Once you get a corner, it will never change color. ...


Yes, it is possible for neither player to be able to make a move without the board being full. The Wikipedia article for Reversi has this example from a competition: There are also simpler examples where all the pieces are turned to the same colour (YouTube video).


Yes, it is possible. Here is a youtube link showing a game where black fills the entire board: (the game starts at 30s)


I am not a lawyer, and have experience only in Ontario, but under Ontario law wagering on games of skill is not gambling. In a well-known case from the 1960's or early 1970's, in which the St. Clair Bridge Studio was defending itself against charges of running a gambling house, barrister and bridge player Eric Murray in his winning defence argued that bridge ...


In addition to "Go for corners"... Don't take edge spaces adjacent to opponent pieces. Your opponent can usually just capture them. There are (rare) times to do so, but those times usually are ones which allow capturing the corner


In addition to trying your best not to allow your opponent to control edges and corners, trying to place in such a way that your opponent cannot play is a good tactic. This is effective during the mid- and late-game. This tactic is as much about luck in your opponent's placement as it is about your vision in being able to accomplish this. Frequently, when ...


The permutations of the game makes it hard to come up with one specific strategy. Personally I like to "dance around" the X squares, trying to tease my opponent into placing his pieces there. But always remembering that it should cost him more than it should ever cost me. As a general rule, your objective is to limit the number of liberties (that is, the ...


You can play online on Yucata Generally the games are played over days rather than "real time" though. Lots of other great games too


As long as the grid is even, Othello should play just fine, provided you change the staring cluster. . . . . . . B W . . B W B . . . W B . should do, with white moving first...


It actually can be a bad move to avoid the X squares as long as possible. I've seen games where players so pointedly avoided them that the four corners were taken before the first X space was played. If that happens, especially on an already-dense board, the corners lose a lot of advantage because it can be impossible to "riposte" and capture back any spaces ...


"wipeout" is an example of such an ending, too! It's not something that happens to serious players, but it certainly happens to casual players.

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