Pandemic is a cooperative game in which players work together, racing against time to combat the spread of four deadly diseases before they overwhelm the planet. Each player brings a distinct skill to bear on the problem; only through careful teamwork can they ultimately save the Earth!

Players must balance fighting disease hotspots with the need to work towards global cures. The problem is complicated by unpredictable epidemic outbreaks, which intensify the urgency of the situation. Teamwork is essential; each player role is different, and provides particular advantages. For example, the Scientist can discover cures more easily than other players, while the Medic can more effectively treat outbreaks in the field. An unusual feature of the game is that all players must work together, or shared disaster for all is ensured.

Pandemic has one expansion, . It adds extra roles, 5 player rules, new events, and several 'challenges', each one a distinct twist on the base game. It also provides attractive Petri dishes for disease cube storage.

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