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In fact, the Legacy rules themselves suggest playing a few games if you aren't familiar with Pandemic. IF YOU'VE NEVER PLAYED PANDEMIC... We recommend that you play a few games without any of the special "Legacy" rules to get a feel for the decisions you will have to make. Read this rulebook then play without using the following rules: ...


From what I've seen, it makes the game harder. With on the brink expansion, we were sometimes winning with 6 virulent epidemics and the mutation challenge but now we can't even manage to win with 6 normal epidemics w/o any other challenge. Takes more actions to find a cure for sure imo considering you have to collect a certain amount of cubes and then move ...


Thats not true. You can play the game even after you finish the legacy version. Simply take out all the stickers that got put on during legacy play. They r really easy to take off.


The Pandemic Legacy campaign runs over a single year. You play a game for each month, but if you lose then you play that month one more time before moving to the next one. So if you win every game, you will have 12 games, but if you lose each month then you will have 24. Before you use any of the Legacy components, you can also play an unlimited number of ...

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