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In a 4 player game, you can make sure the researcher is in play for one of the players, and deal the other 3 roles from the deck. I have played with almost every combination of roles (with 2 and 4 players) and the researcher has significant advantage and is very difficult to win with 4 player without her.


I assume that your gaming group typically plays with 4 players. I have found the contingency planner to be much worse with 4 players than with 2. I agree that the contingency planner is the worst role, but part of that is because of how variable his power is depending on how the event cards fall. Throwing him out is a reasonable approach if you only have ...


A big part of the variation in difficulty is the fixed number of event cards. In the base game, you play with 5 event cards in the deck regardless of the number of players. If you pick up "On the Brink" there are more event cards, so you play with 2 event cards in the deck per player. This seems subtle but I've found that it smooths most of the effect of ...


This role is one that will not always have the same level of power as others but depending on how the game goes it can easily be the most powerful role in the game. While some of the event cards may not seem as powerful based on the game setup it all depends on how they are used. Resilient Population Being able to remove a second city card from the ...

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