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This situation should never occur. The mutation cards are put into the Infection Discard Pile at the beginning of the game. So they aren't even in the deck until after the first Epidemic, and at that time they will be put on the top of the deck with the rest of the discard pile. The only way for them to be on the bottom is to draw the entire Infection ...


--putting this here as a potential template for bwarner's answer to reduce required effort on his part. I encourage bwarner to simply copy/paste my answer or reuse the image file/transcription so I may accept his answer instead.-- According to the Pandemic: On The Brink rulebook, page 4 Setup Put the 12 purple disease cubes near the other cubes as a ...


You can't do this, since you discard immediately if at any time you have more than 7 cards. From the rules: If you ever have more than 7 cards in hand (after first resolving any Epidemic cards you may have drawn), discard cards or play Event cards until you have 7 cards in hand (...). Drawing epidemics is the only exception; those don't stay in your ...


No, the action of discarding a card for having more than 7 cards is an atomic action that occurs before you can take your next turn action.

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