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Yes, it is permissible ... and there are some occasions where you may find it to be advantageous. For example: One person may be on the same Phase as you and well ahead of the others, but she may not have made her current Phase yet. If you feel she is close and you are not, it may be worthwhile to "end" the hand so that neither of you can advance. ...


In addition to the two very good situations Dave mentioned to throw the player to your left a bone, there's one more: You've made your Phase, and a target opponent - not the one to your left - has not. If you have laid down your Phase but cannot go out, and the player to your left has laid down their Phase and is looking for that last lucky card to go out, ...


There is a clone of Phase 10 called Wizard Cards you could download and install. Magmic games has released versions of Phase 10 for Blackberry and iPhone also. There doesn't seem to be a version you can play in your browser online at this time.


Score is used when more than 1 player completes Phase 10 in the same hand. Completing a phase doesn't end the hand immediately; a player must go out by getting rid of all his or her cards. So a second player can complete Phase 10 after the first player has done so. Once a player goes out by getting rid of all of his or her cards; then if multiple players ...


During a round you can only ever work on the Phase that you started the round with. The round ends once someone has gotten rid of all of the cards in their hand by completing their phase and playing their remaining cards, if any, on other completed phases. Once a round is over your pieces will move and you have a new phase to work on for the next round. For ...


After you complete a phase you must get rid of all the cards in your hand by hitting on existing Phases and discarding cards you can't play. Once someone who has completed a phase runs out of cards the hand is over and all the cards are dealt out again and players who completed the Phase can move on to the next Phase.


After re-reading the rules we decided that it was best to have each player on a twist phase draw their own card and we'd just recycle them when we ran out. The reason for this being, players aren't obligated to show other players their twist phase. If all players drew the same twist phase then this sort of secretive strategy part of the game would be lost. ...

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