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Here are my suggestions of games that teach various card game rules, ranked in order from least difficult to most difficult. Go Fish has simple rules and can help you learn basics of card games, such as Identifying matching sets of cards Identifying card names and suits Waiting your turn Communicating with opponents when required (and being truthful about ...


I started to play "Tschau Sepp" with my son who is also four years old. This is a swiss version of Mau-Mau. It is similar to Uno but uses a regular set of cards. He likes to play it but still needs some help as he often misses that cards in his hand have the same value (number) as the played card. Therefor we often play with our hands shown.


NanDeck will do this: http://www.nand.it/nandeck/ Lets you script out card sets, fairly simple to change card sizes, etc.

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