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You can download the L'avenir Tarot of Destiny here which can be printed or used for any purpose providing deck is not printed commercially to sell as a deck of cards. The cards should print as A4 with no problems


Note that (1) and (2) are satisfied by any derangement of the cards. There are probably many "mappings" that satisfy your conditions, but since all you seek is one possible answer, I propose the following solution. For the values, map them in this way: A -> 2, 2 -> 4, 3-> 6, 4 -> 8, 5 -> 10, 6 -> Q, 7 -> A, 8 -> 3, 9 -> 5, 10 -> 7, J -> 9, Q -> J, K -> K ...


You could also check out Customized Playing Cards I had them make me a custom card game that came out amazingly. The paper quality they used was 310 GSM which is what bicycle playing cards uses. Honestly the customer service alone will make me be a repeat customer. There was a small hiccup in the very beginning but it was quickly resolved.


This week I made a card game prototyper, it converts your google docs or csv to printable cards. http://card-game-prototyper.herokuapp.com/

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