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Adrenalash --> 50 damage During your next turn, each of this Pokemon's attacks does 50 more damage (before applying Weakness and Resistance) So it means exactly what is written. Every time you use this move, your next turn has an additional +50 boost for any move. The boost will continue every next turn as long as you keep using Adrenalash. For ...


The 3 legendary birds have been made by ILKCMP : http://ilkcmp.deviantart.com/art/GB-Promo-3-Articuno-285045912 http://ilkcmp.deviantart.com/art/GB-Promo-10-Zapdos-280707984 http://ilkcmp.deviantart.com/art/GB-Promo-2-Moltres-285045429


Let's say you talk about this Mewtwo : http://pokeplayer.com/cardex/next_destinies/98-mewtwo-ex If Mewtwo has 2 energies and the Defending Pokémon has 0 energies, that would do 20 × 2 = 40 damage. If for a weird reason you were able to use X Ball without having any energy attached, and 0 energies on the Defending Pokémon, that would do 20 × 0 = 0 damage.


Yes. The rules only require that the player have one Pokemon in the active position. Pokemon on the bench are optional. If the opponents active Pokemon is knocked out, and they have no pokemon on the bench to replace it, the attacking player wins. Pyroar has an ability, Intimidating Mane, which reads "Prevent all damage done to this Pokémon by ...

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