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You would get at least 9 points: 3 for your production world, 4 for your windfall worlds, 2 for Alien Tech Institute itself. (Assuming all the above are in your tableau and not still in your hand.)


Military power is not "used up" when you settle a world. All that matters is that each time you are settling a military world, you have enough military power to meet the requirement. So yes, even if you only have 1 military power, you can settle multiple worlds that each have a requirement of 1.


Yes, you can use the same military power bonus over and over again. At any time, you can count up your total military power from what's in your tableau. For example, if you have Space Marines (+2) and Drop Ships (+3), your total military is 5. That means that you can conquer any military world with defense at most 5. It doesn't matter when you played each ...

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