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No. Add the robot's VP chips and tableau VPs, scoring each 6-cost development card or counter as 6 or 9 VPs, depending on the selected game difficulty. Galactic Federation, as well as any other such development card, will always count for 6 or 9 VPs. Don't try to count based on the contents of the tableau.


From http://hiewandboardgames.blogspot.ca/2008_12_01_archive.html To beat the robot you need to understand how it works and know how to minimize the chances of indirectly helping it. Knowing that sometimes it "copies" your actions, you need to think twice before selecting Consume x 2 if the robot's economy size is 5 (i.e. it would score 10VP if it also ...


Yes it can. 1) The robot treats the tableau as an abstracted stack, and ignores the abilities of cards it places. From the rules (PDF here): The robot's tableau is a stack of cards, without any goods, where only the number of cards and their VPs matter. What matters is the robot's economic development, which is independent of what the cards do. There ...

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