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The two other expansions in the first arc (Brink of War and Rebel vs Imperium come with a few additional components that allow the Robot to use starting worlds from those expansions. There is no official rules for the robot for playing with the Alien Artifacts expansion, however there are non-official rules available on Boardgamegeeks.


I usually give new players an Investment Bank (draw a card during the develop phase) in addition to their start world. It passively gives them extra cards throughout the game, without really changing strategic considerations (there is one less Investment Bank for anyone going for the Galactic Federation development superbuild).


The rules say (page 6): Players who chose Consume: 2x VPs double the number of victory point chips — but not any other effects — that their consume powers provide. The consume power on Pilgrimage World defines the number of victory points you get for consuming a number of goods. Consuming one good is zero points, two goods is one point, three goods ...

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