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Not to my knowledge. One thing I've done to assist with this problem is to use a pile of D6's of a couple different colors. Place a D6 on each city of one color to represent your smallest train and work your way up to your largest. When you are finished, pick up the D6's generating your total run profit as you go. Towards the end of the game, we usually ...


Assuming you're referring to the "standard" version of Steam, the two major differences from Age of Steam are: Split income and VP tracks. When delivering goods, you must choose where your points go, either to an income track (that goes from -10 to +10) or to your victory point track. Early in the game, you'd usually concentrate on income to grow your ...


Besides for the Mexico variation, the reprint have slightly grayer art and a photo of the game in use on its backside.. Here is the two games for comparison :

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