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It would be difficult to go into the reasoning without spoiling anything, but you should probably open it before the 15th signature. Waiting until after that will make some of the packet not matter. The designer's opinion, RobDaviau wrote: I would open at least two envelopes and one pocket first.


Missiles change a die into a '6' only. A missile can never modify a die to anything else. Perhaps a non-spoilerific example might clarify. An attack roll on a Ammo Shortage territory is 6,5,1 versus a defense roll of 5,5. The defender's high die is reduced by 1 because of the Ammo Shortage's -1 modifier making their roll 5,4. The defender uses a missile ...


There are at least a few different versions of this packet and they all do something to modify the game play in one way or the other. I guess I'll have to answer the question with a question: Do you want to "upset" the status quo? If so, open it. But an even better question: Are you afraid that it might turn things upside down? If so, definitely open it! ...


I have personally found that Enclave of the Bear's The defender subtracts 1 from his lower defense die in the first territory you attack during your turn ability to be the most beneficial starting power, both at the start and throughout the campaign.


Die Mechaniker 1) Your starting HQ is always treated as FORTIFIED (+1 to both dice) when you defend it. 2) If your defense roll is two natural 6s, that territory cannot be attacked again for the rest of the turn. Reason: The odds of getting two natural 6s on a single roll is 1/36. Therefore, the odds that we have not rolled a pair of 6s by the nth attack ...


user1873 is correct in all but one respect: Imperial Balkania. The reason is that the first ability (expand into 4+ territories for a card) will likely only get you as many as 3 cards in any given game, while their second power (round up for territories) can be unlimited. And what he is forgetting is that, while no you arn't likely to get 10 territories in a ...

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