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No, they only lose the first card. There are no dependencies, only requirements that must be met in order to play the second card. On Page 16 of the rules it states: The Theme Sets introduce cards that have special requirements that must be met before you can play them. The requirements may vary significantly - such as requiring the trade advantage or ...


The rules on page 7 has this note: Please note: Some cards are marked "1x." This means that you may only have one of these cards in your principality.


Did some Googling and I found an exhaustive FAQ on the Catan website. Here's the answer to this question: Production boosters - Do production boosters have an effect when events occur and actions are performed, e.g., when I may choose any 1 resource or take 1 resource from my opponent? No.


The rules explain the Trade Master card a bit better. If you play the Trade Master card, choose 2 resources that the opponent must give you. The first clause makes it clear that this card cannot be played at any time and follows the normal conventions of playing it within your Action phase (phase 2).


It would be incredibly difficult to mix the old base game with the new expansions. While similar, the rules and mechanics were completely redone for Rivals. It may be possible, but you'd probably need to reword most of the descriptions for all of the cards in either the base game or the expansions. By the time you've done all of that, you'd have been much ...


I can't see any reason why Trade Master would circumvent the normal rules for playing an Action. I think all that the "immediately" implies is that, when you play the card during phase 2, you get the resources straightaway at that point. Why this particular card would use the word "immediately" when all action cards are specified by the rules as taking "...


I would play as per the wording on the Arsonist card. Just because the Hedge Tavern has an unusual starting placement, in a face-up stack, doesn't mean it should be exempted from subsequent effects. Given that there is an stack available with the same back as the Hedge Tavern, I see no reason why you shouldn't follow the course of action prescribed by the ...


I would say that "choose a card" indicates you may look through a stack; otherwise, they would have been more specific and said to take a card from the top, or take a card at random, or something like that. Admittedly, they could have been a little clearer. According to this BoardGameGeek link, Professor Easy's Interactive Online Tutorial has an example ...


Does this mean, each user selects a stack, looks at all the cards in the stack and selects the 3 they want start with? And then returns the stack without reshuffling? Yes, that's how I always play it. I don't see any other way to interpret that rule. How do the Theme Set draw stacks work? There is nothing in the manual about how players ...

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