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I cannot imagine why you ask this. But anyways, with the rules you just put it's easy to calculate. (Though I have not played with the last card discarded rule.) You can win from the start with either Three+Straight or 7 Straight or Three+Poker. Now we just add the probabilities. Assuming you play with 4 jokers Using the Hypergeometric distribution you ...


I've worked out an approximation based on a seven card hand with a standard deck. I leave it as an exercise to do the same calculations for a five card hand :-) I think there are four ways of winning the hand: 4 of a kind and 3 of a kind 4 of a kind and 3 straight 3 of a kind and 4 straight 4 straight and 3 straight (this includes a 7 straight hand) In ...


There's a contract rummy game called Farmer's Rummy that sounds like what you're describing.


Far be it for me to answer my own question, but... I've play tested the partial rules from wikipedia with my children, and have worked out the following fuller set of rules, if it's helpful (also trying to make it more rummy-like): For 2 players, each player is dealt 10 cards. For >2 players, each player is dealt 7 cards; Players immediately put down all ...


Well there are only 52 C 8 ≈ 750 million different 8-card hands (eight because of the one you pick up at the start of your turn). That shouldn't take too long to brute force. I wrote a quick C# program that does just that. It runs in under 10 minutes on my PC (faster, by the way, than the equivalent non-parallel program in C). According to it, there are ...


The way rummy figures in doesn't seem very clear from your description. It sounds similar to Pounce; in that game you have a personal tableau, common piles of cards that you're building on, and a bunch of cards you hold--although it's a stack, not a hand. If you remember the objective of your game, that would be helpful.


From the information given, this sounds a lot like the game Speed, but speed doesn't need to be played with 2 decks.

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