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No. Unless the previous Theft card is removed by a Hands off -card. The Z-Man games rules for Saboteur 2 states As in the base game, in this expansion no player can have 2 action cards of the same type affecting them at the same time. (Same rule can be found also in the Nordic edition rulebook)


Since the scoring depends on the player combination, I will discuss on four different cases. The scoring rules are summarized at the bottom of this post. Situation: Route to gold is blocked with both, green and blue door. This immediately implies that no blue or green team can win. Players in blue or green team will get no points. A player (Any player: ...


CASE: Players in the round are Profiteur, Blue dwarf, Green dwarf, a Saboteur and the Boss. --> Boss and Profiteur will win. (Green and Blue are blocked by doors. Saboteur wins only if gold is not found. Boss wins if there is a connection to the gold. Profiteour wins always). Since there are two winners, it will mean 4 points for each. Boss will get one ...

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