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You have 6 pairs (CD,CH,CS,DH,DS,HS), and 4 ways to make 15 (CDH,CDS,CHS,HDS), for a total of 20 points.


The removal of all other Magpyrs is part of the special reward for defeating the Count. Player who defeated him gets to keep his token and score the points just for him, all other are simply set aside and no one gets the points for them.


The quality of a game is not determined by the height or depth of the total score. A great example is a soccer match where the total score is 25 goals. Obviously, one or both teams did not know how to play defense very well. Does 25 goals indicate that the game was good? Not necessarily. Let's examine a three games where we got a total score of 25. One ...


I use two different apps that give you a majority of what you are looking for. I have an Android device, and I use Gamekeeper (free version) and the Board Game Geek app. Gamekeeper allows me to keep track of scores, add dice (of any size and quantity with modifiers), and it also has a timer. You could potentially add additional rows to the scores area to ...


I always thought a good game was one that was fun!


All of those suggestions you proffer for judging the quality of a game are excellent ones. Remarkably, an extremely accurate mechanism for weighting them all appropriately, so as to correctly assess the total quality of a game, has already been invented. Surprisingly, this mechanism ha been around since the game's inception, and is in fact a fundamental ...

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