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Another difference, that actually has a bigger impact on strategy, is that the BINGO bonus (the bonus for playing all 7 tiles in one move) is reduced from 50 to 35. Together with the placement of the bonus squares (see above) often allowing quadruple letter words and 9-time scoring letters (12 if placed also in both directions), you can sometimes score ...


Words With Friends changed these letters scores: L, U, N: move from 1 to 2 G from 2 to 3 H and Y from 4 to 3 B, C, M and P from 3 to 4 V from 4 to 5 J from 8 to 10 The rest have stayed the same. Although K and V both score 5 now there is only one K tile and still two V tiles. There are now more than 4 S tiles that regular scrabble gives you. There seem to ...

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