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No, it cannot. From the official Catan FAQ: Development Cards – Progress – Road Building - May I use a Road Building card to build 1 road and 1 ship? Yes. You must build them one after another though. You are not allowed to first build a road via a Road Building card, then build a settlement adjacent to that road by paying the required ...


The original German (I've the first German edition) uses the word sofort meaning immediately so from that I'd say no. Later and American/English versions may differ. However, under what circumstances can you not immediately follow the placing of the two roads with placing a settlement between them, within the same turn?


Depends on the starting order, but generally speaking, going for maximum number of dice opportunities is not ideal according to my experience. Getting lots of varied income will force you to either make shitty 4-1 trades or risk losing cards when someone rolls 7. The best strategy according to me is to aim for one specific port and lots of income in the ...

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