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The Settlers of Catan FAQ offers an official answer: Monopoly - In order to find out which resources my opponents have, may I first offer them trades and then play my Monopoly card? Yes. However, players are not compelled to provide correct information on the resources they have. In short: Yes, you may ask probing questions about what ...


Just count the number of missing cards of each resource and subtract the number in your hand. There are 19 cards of each resource. This gets you a more accurate result and players feel less swindled.


I track how many of each resource has been picked up. Its quite quick and easy using your roads/settlements/cities as counters. You can be pretty sneaky about it too. Its always nice to know what is out there when you get a monopoly.


We tried a variant where the amount of resources are produced according to the probability of the dice roll that would produce this resource. Say you've got an "8" and "3" on ore and a "12" on wood. Each players turn, after the dice roll (for bandit, barbarians and C&K) resources are produced in this way: to roll an "8" with two dice the probability is: ...


just use a 12 sided die.its so easy

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