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The 5-6 player expansion adds new hexes, ports, number chits and development cards to allow your board to fit 5 or 6 players. While you could play 3 or 4 players on the 5-6 player board, it would not be the same experience, you will find every one is too spread out and most players can expand unopposed. Keeping the additional pieces mixed in with your base ...


Yes. You can always just use the base game and leave out the pieces from the 5-6 player expansion. Note that the 5-6 player expansion is just that: an expansion. It requires the original game in order to play it.


I wrote a Mathematica script to handle the dice rolling. It keeps track of all previous dice rolls, and weights the next dice roll probabilities according to the difference (expected # times rolled) - (actual # times rolled), so that the actual distribution converges faster to the expected. (And dice rolls on different turns are not independent.) Though ...


you may immediately place 2 free roads The "may" says you don't have to play 2, or even 1 road, it only says that it takes effect immediately, so you can't decide when to play them. Technically I don't think you can stop and build a city in the middle.


Yes. There are no rules providing conditions that must be met to play development cards other than playing only 1 per turn, and not playing them the turn you buy them. So you would play the card, and then just do what you can to follow the instructions. If the instructions are impossible to follow, then you just do what you can. The same would go for playing ...


I wonder if it wouldn't make sense to demand collateral loans while the future trade wouldn't take place. In this case the risk would remain for the contact proposer as if the future trade wouldn't take place the collateral could be used by the player who would not have received the future traded value as promised.

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