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We tried a variant where the amount of resources are produced according to the probability of the dice roll that would produce this resource. Say you've got an "8" and "3" on ore and a "12" on wood. Each players turn, after the dice roll (for bandit, barbarians and C&K) resources are produced in this way: to roll an "8" with two dice the probability is: ...


Simply change the goal. The game is too long? Then the goal is to reach 7 points. The game is too short? Then the goal is to reach 12 points. You can basically do that with any "number of points to win" game, it's so simple no one ever thinks about that!


We have found that slowness has a varying impact. Slow is ok when it's not boring (unless dinner is burning while you're "nearly finished!" for an hour), but slow is awful when it's boring. The worst possible slow part is the very beginning, with endless fussing about which direction to build in, and the worst is those very first few moves. We therefore have ...

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