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You only use your unused race tokens (those you took into hand at the start of your turn). The only time you can take race tokens from already conquered spaces is 1) At end of turn when you can reallocate tokens on conquered spaces, and 2) At the start of the turn when you can take race tokens from conquered spaces into hand.


No, it is not required. There's nothing wrong with just leaving everything exactly as is. Leaving in place one Race token in each Region they occupy, the player may take all his other Active Race tokens from the map back in hand and use them to conquer new Regions. Note the "may". Also: The active player can repeat this process to conquer as ...


Because it says "back into the Storage tray", it is the first option; Skeletons and Sorcerers can reuse them. Note the limitation in the rules for both Skeletons and Sorcerers: If there are no more tokens in the storage tray... Both Skeletons and Sorcerers state that the new unit comes "from the storage tray", and the rules for the loosing player ...


Because their power continues to work in decline, Dwarves are not intended to be played for very long. In most cases probably 2 turns with them is all you should be doing. Get 2 or 3 mine spots, and move on to your next race. This is why there are fewer Dwarves, because you aren't intended to use them for more than a couple turns or to conquer more than just ...


I think the simplest answer is to allow players to hide their score better. If you only had 1s, 5s and 10s, you'd just have to remember how many 5s and 10s someone earned - adding a third variable makes it really complicated, especially three-plus player games.


As @bwarner commented, I'd say abandon all regions and start invading from the maps borders From the rules (emphasis mine): If a player wishes to free up some more Race tokens, he may opt to entirely empty up some - or all - Regions, leaving no Tokens there; but in this case, these now abandoned Regions will no longer be considered his, nor bring him ...


I found an answer to this question in an answer to a similar question: Q: Is a race with the Diplomat power allowed to nominate a player, who has just declined or who has not yet had a turn (and therefore has no active race) as an ally? A: Yes indeed, the only restriction in the choice of an ally is that you cannot choose a player if you just ...


It's a 3 step process: You take as many tokens back into your hand as you wish (you can empty regions that way, giving them up), normaly you keep 1 token in the regions you want to keep. You do your attack with the spare tokens you have. When you don't want to attack anymore you can redistribue tokens (but this time you are not allow to give up regions).


I agree with Alex's answer about hiding score. It makes it more difficult to tell at a glance how many VP someone has. But it's helpful even without that, just to use fewer one-point coins. Remember, the varying denominations aren't just to make it easy to exchange coins. You don't have to do that, and if you're trying to hide your score, you probably ...

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