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You only use your unused race tokens (those you took into hand at the start of your turn). The only time you can take race tokens from already conquered spaces is 1) At end of turn when you can reallocate tokens on conquered spaces, and 2) At the start of the turn when you can take race tokens from conquered spaces into hand.


No, it is not required. There's nothing wrong with just leaving everything exactly as is. Leaving in place one Race token in each Region they occupy, the player may take all his other Active Race tokens from the map back in hand and use them to conquer new Regions. Note the "may". Also: The active player can repeat this process to conquer as ...


There is no builder ability in the base set. It sounds like you're talking about the Fortified ability? The rules for Fortified state you can put down one fortress per turn while active. Here's the full text from the rulebook - Once per turn, as long as your Fortified Race is active, you may place 1 Fortress in a Region you occupy. The Fortress ...


I am unsure about an 'official' list (i.e. from Days of Wonder), however I can list the races and abilities that would not be transfer as well to the other game. Page 10 of the SmallWorld Underground rulebook does offer some general advice if you are aiming to play with SWU races on a SW board or vice versa: Powers and effects that make no sense (because ...


The rules for Lava state At the end of your turn, for each Mountain Region you occupy, you may place 1 Lava Token in any Region adjacent to that Mountain Region (excluding Regions protected by Special and Racial Powers). All tokens in this Region are taken in hand by the defeated player and treated as if the Region were conquered (except there is ...


#1 is correct. I can't find a place in the rulebook that makes this super-obvious/clear, but there's this: The game then proceeds clockwise, from player to player. Once all players have had a turn, a new turn begins. And: During his turn, each player must now either: Expand the reach of his race through new conquests OR Put his ...


Yes. From the rules on conquering regions in the base game, on what to do if you have been conquered: Permanently discard one Race token back into the Storage tray And from the rules for Sorcerers, for example" with one of your own taken from the storage tray.


When a territory containing a player's active race is conquered, one of the tokens goes back to the tray and that player gets back the rest of them. That does mean that they could potentially come back via special powers. Of course, it doesn't really matter which of your tokens the special power gives you, and so if the race has plenty of extra tokens (like ...


It's a 3 step process: You take as many tokens back into your hand as you wish (you can empty regions that way, giving them up), normaly you keep 1 token in the regions you want to keep. You do your attack with the spare tokens you have. When you don't want to attack anymore you can redistribue tokens (but this time you are not allow to give up regions).

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