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Absolutely, the rulebook (on page 4) under the section on Enemy Loss & Withdrawals explicitly covers this: If all of a player's Regions were attacked this turn, leaving him with some Race tokens in hand but none on the board, he may redeploy these as if he was doing a First Conquest, on his next turn. As stated in the other answer, you can also ...


Yes - but you can also do this every go anyway. You simply need to abandon all regions when starting your turn. Abandoning a Region If the player chooses to abandon all the Regions he previously occupied, his next conquest must follow the same rules as its First Conquest (see First Conquest, p. 4).


They should be played the same round. The rule is not explicit and I have found no official statement. But this topic on boardgamegeek took the same conclusion: All the magic sources do is indicate how many markers the Ice Witches may play at the end of their turn. Highlighted this bit as this is a rule we've got wrong a few times when playing.


Bunker up. The scenario you describe relies on people leaving a path of territories with single defenders. Barring the unlikely event where they are revealed and claimed in the same round, you likely know they're coming, so don't leave yourself that open. Use mountains, leave extra defenders, etc. Wall them in, so that they are surrounded by highly ...


You are only disadvantaged if everyone else is trying to do nothing about trying to win. The guy who goes first gets an advantage and if no one punishes him, he wins. If you as last place sit idly by and let everyone do their best, you lose. This is an important point in many games.


From the rules (p.7) Troop Redeployment: Once a player's conquests for the turn have ended, he may freely redeploy the Race tokens he has on the board, moving them from one Region to any other Region occupied by his race (not necessarily just an adjacent or contiguous Region), provided that at least one Race token remains in each Region ...

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