Collectible card game based on the Star Trek franchise originally published in 1994 by Decipher, Inc. A second (only partially compatible) edition was published in 2002.

Star Trek: Customizable Card Game was originally published in 1994 by Decipher, Inc based on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Up until 2006 many extensions where published including extending the game to almost the entire Star Trek franchise.

In 2002 a Second Edition (2E) with simplified rules was published and which was partially compatible with the original game (now called First Edition, 1E) as some cards from the Second Edition could be used in First Edition games, but not vice versa.

The last official 2E expansions where published in 2007. After that The Continuing Committee, an independent group of players, continues supporting the game by publishing unofficial "virtual" (online) extensions.

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