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As with any growing Card Game (LCG, CCG, TCG), unless you want to play competitively, it's never required to get more cards. Since you don't need to keep up with changing metagames, new strategic ideas and new available cards, you can play with just what you have with your friends. The question remains how much fun you get out of it after having played for ...


Yes. The demo at GenCon 2012 featured at least 3 force power cards, Force Lightning, Force Choke, and Force Rejuvination.


When I bought into the game, I only purchased one of the Core Set (and the first Force Pack The Desolation of Hoth, but that is an aside...). I just wanted to try a new game. A few of the guys behind the counter at the hobby store mentioned more than one Core Set, but I just wanted a new game. I wasn't going to enter any major tournaments to start with. The ...


So far all my searching of forums has yielded only one result. Apparently someone asked the same question on boardgamegeek and received the following answer: "Yes, the vehicle doesn't need to be in the engagement for the Speeder Bay's ability to take effect." Meaning, that yes, my speeder should have been able to damage the TIE Attack Squadron. See ...

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