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Yes, depleted areas do count. From the FAQ: Q: If an area has been fully depleted of resources, does it still count towards players’ special victory conditions? A: Yes. For example, Jim Raynor needs to control six areas containing gas and/or minerals; this includes any area that has a printed gas or mineral icon on it.


The Brood War expansion includes a number of scenarios, one of which is explicitly designed for two players. The gameplay in a scenario is pretty much the same as the core game, except with predetermined galaxy layout and often some form of "capture the objective"-style mechanic added (the two-player scenario, for example, prevents either side from moving ...


All of them. The rules appear to be quite clear on this matter (page 27). Each supporting unit is then, one at a time, assigned to any of the skirmishes. Every supporting unit can be assigned to the same skirmish, or spread out among the skirmishes in whatever fashion the player chooses. A supporting unit adds its support value to the attack strength ...


Sadly the answer is no. After talking with some hardcore Starcraft Board Game people, and a FFG crew member, I have come to the conclusion that noone (as of yet) have made a collection or site with Starcraft scenarios. They really hoped for more scenarios, but most fans called that the possibilities were too limited. I was able to find a few scenarios on ...


You're right that the Action Phase is unique to the Brood Wars Expansion. A quick search of the phrase "Action Phase" in the digital version of both rule books only turned up results in the Brood Wars version. Like you, I found a lot of people saying that the Action Phase was synonymous with the Execution Phase (example here). The most convincing piece of ...


Since Starcraft supports Team Play Variant, couldn't you an your opponent each play both people on a single team? (is Team Play also unbalanced?) Otherwise, you will have to develop some sort of AI, or alternate turns controlling a third player (if that is possible strategically).

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