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Sure, visit the Tool Hut. Tools are explicitly there to negate the luck factor. Another option is to get more people. There will still be luck in the rolls, but if you put two people on a space instead of one, you'll produce more each time.


There is actually a difference between the wording of the English and German rules, that I think is significant. The English rules say: (Each time the player moves his marker forward on the trader track, regardless of how far, he takes 2 decorations.) In the German, by contrast: (Jedes Mal, wenn der Spieler auf der Händlerleiste vorrückt, ...


No, there is no limit to the number of huts a player can have. The space on the board is simply done that way for design; you do not have to put 1 hut in each space. From the rulebook, page 7: The player places the acquired building on one of the corresponding spaces of their board. Once a player has more than 5 buildings, he stacks them on these ...


I think this thing of skill in games tends to be a little of too much pride and taking the game a bit more serious than it should. In general I think it's best just to take a high risk once in a while if you think that 'luck' is not going your way; if you loose laugh about it and enjoy the game :) Onto the house rules to modify results: Die result for ...


The last one is correct: you decide how many guys you send to the forest. You roll the dice and then decide to add one or more tools to this. Tools can't be "broken" (a tool with value of 3 can't be used for 2 in the woods and 1 in the mountain), but you can choose any of your tools for a given place.


You're playing it right. From the rules (page 6): Each player places their [Civilization] cards face-down on the corresponding space of their player board. In other words, no one can see which cards you have. The only exceptions to this rule are the one-use tool cards. They are kept open until they are used. One-use tool cards


There is no official clarification to my knowledge, so at least you are not alone in this matter. A strict reading of the rule book, would lead me to the same conclusion you came to (emphasis mine). The player moves his marker on the trader track 2 spaces forward (and takes back his two figures). He also immediately takes two decorations. (Each time the ...


Yes, you can. From p5 of the rules: The start player begins. He uses all his placed people figures. Only then does the next player, in clockwise order, use his people. The order a player chooses to use his people is completely up to him. And on p6, explaining how to resolve a people figure on a civilisation card: If the player cannot or does ...


Yes, of course you can. The only "problem" is that you risk not getting the resources you need and then you won't be able to pay for the card and thus you may waste that worker's turn. That's not to say that good Stone Age play doesn't involve such risk-taking as long as it's realistic.


As I was playing it many times with two players only, I wanted to remove as much luck as possible. The tools hut may help, but it hardly does in the first few turns, which might be the most important ones. I could eliminate most of randomness using this rule: For resource production use one die only. For each two workers simply count 7 pips without ...

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