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You're playing it right. From the rules (page 6): Each player places their [Civilization] cards face-down on the corresponding space of their player board. In other words, no one can see which cards you have. The only exceptions to this rule are the one-use tool cards. They are kept open until they are used. One-use tool cards


The best way to feed your people, is to make sure you have just enough food. Sure you can feed them other resources, but those resources will cost you at least 50% more (in terms of dice eyes). It's a lot easier to just get the food out. Food is a means to an end, it won't score you any points. As the game develops, you can see where your chances of ...


It is in fact a strong strategy to simply never feed your people. This is because unlike some other games, the penalty for not feeding is exactly the same whether you are just 1 food short, or if you feed no people at all. If you take the mating hut every chance you get, then you will have 10 workers, and without ever sending them to hunt for food or go to ...

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