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OGS has a review requests section. I just got a great review there so I'd like to share the link.


Join a Go club with strong players. Your club mates will give you comments and hints. Visit Go conventions and go to Go tournaments. If joining a Go club is not practical for you, consider to take some payed Go lessons by a professional player.


GoKibitz is a new website that offers a nice frontend for discussing games. I did not use it myself, but it looks promising. I have no experience how strong the players are which are commenting regularly, however I saw at least many 1d or 2d comments. If you are willing to spend money on getting regular full reviews on your games I can highly recommend ...


The Go Teaching Ladder is a good place to get comments on your games. Unless you're already a dan player, you won't get comments from 6d+ players, but you also don't need them. Your game will be reviewed by a player several stones stronger than you, and they will be able too see enough of your mistakes to help you get stronger.

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