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Local Game Store is supposed to be a counter to Big Box store that sells games. So instead of the generic large Wal-Mart chain. FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store) refers to your distinct, independent and local (usually not chain store) independent game store. (Also sometimes referred to as Mom-n-Pop Stores) In a more contemporary context it's also used to ...


"Local" implies familiarity, and some connection specifically to you. It's a store near you, it's convenient for you, it's something from your area that you can be proud of, it's part of your community, it's a place you might see people you know. It also implies that it's not a chain. All of this adds up to a more warm and fuzzy emotional connection. Brick ...


Because promotional material encourages players to go to them. The idea is that players will form playgroups around their local gaming store. In that sense, "Your" LGS would be the (hopefully) nearby store that you would to to to play games/purchase materials. This is in contrast to other brick and mortar shops that you may go to for a particular event, ...


Mark Rosewater offered this explanation on his blog: I believe the first cube was kept in a box that was a cube. I wouldn't call that explanation definitive, but a quick Google search demonstrates that there are Magic players who would back up Rosewater's memory.

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