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I own both, and we play The Resistance: Avalon a lot more than we play The Resistance now. There are so many more points of intrigue and styles of play with Merlin and the Assassin. Merlin knows a LOT of information, but Merlin also has to be careful about how much information is revealed. Otherwise the Assassin will just take out Merlin at the end and ...


I definitely recommend revealing who the spies were at the end. Not revealing them would just lead to additional frustration, and among friends it could cause unnecessary tension. You could potentially wait until after a string of 3 or 4 games are completed before revealing who the spies were in each round, but at that point you may not remember with ...


The only way to make people care about something that they don't already is to wager something. I am not suggesting that you need to wager in The Resistance, or that it is even a good idea, but there is no other way to get people who don't care to care. Also I would mention that most games don't work if the people playing it don't care.


The problem with The Resistance is it really requires the right group of people to play with, and the right mindset. It is so small it could be considered a casual game, but it's complex enough it can be considered more advanced (not for beginner-boardgamers). I personally find no interest in it - and I love most board games - light or heavy. I also run ...


All games require people to be at least somewhat invested in playing properly, otherwise what's the point in playing in the first place? I think the issue is made clear in your line about how there "was a social dynamic of people not wanting to argue, and 'let's just get on with the game'" - sorry, but arguing in The Resistance IS the game. Without the ...


This problem doesn't seem specific to the game at hand, though of course, you'll probably find it easier to convince people you know to play a game seriously, or choose a game that they will enjoy and/or make the game enjoyable for others. There are a number of reasons why people don't play games just to win: http://onigame.livejournal.com/34424.html

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