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No, nothing changes. The TI3 FAQ puts it fairly straightforwardly on the left hand side of page 2: Elimination A player who controls no planets and has no units on the board is eliminated from the game. He cannot play Action Cards or choose Strategy Cards. After a player has been eliminated, the other players continue the game normally, with ...


As far as I know, a player cannot be eliminated from the game. He can lose all of his plastic figures, but still after each round he participates in the strategy- and action card distribution, by which he can affect the gameplay. Conclusion from this would be that if the house wants to enable dropping a player, then it's house-rules specific.


I'm not claiming an authoritative answer, but when playing recently the rule we followed is the activation rule -- the adjacent PDS may fire into a system that has been activated. So, in your scenario, the PDS would fire only one time. From the TI3 Rule book (page 29): When a player activates a system in range of an enemy PDS unit, the owners of any ...

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