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The differences between the original version of Pandemic and the 2013 version are essentially cosmetic. The only significant change is to the Role cards. The 2013 games features 2 new roles, Contingency Planner and Quarantine Specialist, that aren't in the original version. It also has the revised Operations Expert from the original On The Brink expansion. ...


Here are most of the major changes (including expansions). (Since a lot of Eon Cosmic fans also played the Mayfair 2nd ed, I've mentioned a it where relevant.) Main gameplay The basic game mechanics are unchanged. Hand size is now 8. Flares are Eon-style, not Mayfair-style (once played they return to the hand, and are only lost when a new hand is ...


I believe the board art is also different and that's worth mentioning because if you buy the In the lab expansion you will end up with distinct board styles even purchasing the new cards.


Save Dr Lucky is similar in some ways, but does play differently. In order to increase the chance of success as the game progresses, the board shrinks one deck at time as the Titanic sinks, which means forces the players closer together. This can be annoying when you are holding on to room cards for a lower deck that has just sunk. It is definitely worth ...


I was about to answer this, but Tynan's answer is so much better. Several sites have histories of the games and their changes. I only list it here for completeness sake, in case you were wondering about particular changes in card wording, artwork, and alien races available. http://cosmicencounter.daveola.com/Versions/ http://cosmicencounter.wikia.com/


I found almost all the answers on boardgamegeek.com. That page is very handy for this purpose. The Werewolves of Millers Hollow The Werewolves of Millers Hollow - Original Game The Village - Expansion which also contains Original Game. New Moon - Requires Original Game (or The Village) Characters - Requires Original Game (or The Village) Special edition - ...

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