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Paint the base blue/green etc for the base, and then use a two part epoxy resin like what is used for bar tops. If you want waves, let it dry for a little bit, and then tease up waves w/ a paintbrush w/ a little thinned white paint on it..


what usually works for me is this recipe - 2 parts PVA glue 2 parts gloss varnish (I use the stuff you would varnish, say, a bench with, rather than the one that Games Workshop makes) 1 part distilled water (it is important to use distilled water because you don't get the minerals from the tap into the water effects). This is thin enough so it will apply ...


They are still available. Older versions of the rules are available for free download here, while the latest versions can be bought in hardcopy from Amazon and elsewhere.


At Bell of Lost Souls, this article about water bases looks really awesome. Might be what you are searching for?


The easiest way (and often the best looking) is to use Water Effects. Woodland Scenics makes it: link as does Games Workshop itself. You create the terrain piece, and paint the areas that will eventually be under the effect with an appropriate color (often, blue is not appropriate for small pools of water...try brown or dark green) and the you simply pour in ...


Paint a surface blue, and then use Cling-Wrap, slightly crinkled in a regular pattern, glued over the top. Very fast/cheap, but there are more quality methods available.


I will interpret the question as, is there anything in the game rules that would preclude modeling these two figures in combat with each other. I have not played this one but given my understanding of what's allowed and what's not from various codex-based miniatures games this seems like a plausible pairing. Sorcha is a warcaster ...

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