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As @Skeith mentioned, Games Workshop LLC is very vicious when it comes to protecting their Intellectual Property license, so it will be very hard to find anything designed for this on purpose. That being said, Steam recently released a game called Tabletop Simulator, which, with a lot of work, could probably be used as a tool for this (right up until GW ...


One thing that stands out is you are paying over 250 points for 2 squads of Veterans and their transports. For the same points for the same points you could take a 2 squad infantry platoon with a heavy weapons team and still have points left for one of the cheaper tanks (I would recommend the excellent Exterminator as the twin-linked weapon increase the ...


Gw are famous for taking legal action against anyone and anything that uses its IP without license. Vassal were the last to try what you are asking and i believe were shut down with a cease and desist. Sadly anything close to what your seeking would be shut down quickly by GW. This means no one is making any such software.

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