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Only point I see is to field them in an unbound army with a stompa so you can have the lootas shoot from the access point and the meks can repair. Otherwise i agree that there seems to be little to no point.


Alright, I have done some more research, asked around and I have come to the following conclusion regarding the Power Weapons onn the sprues of the regular Space Marines. Some are entire arms, others are just hands. Likewise some weapons have one bladed edge, the others two. Tactical Marines Squad 1 left-handed double-bladed Power Sword, hand. Assault ...


The abilities of Jink and Markerlights apply at different phase of the combat and neither need to be declared until they are about to be utilized. 6th edition Jink: A model with this special rule that has moved in its Movement phase gains a 5+ cover save until the start of its next Movement phase. 7th edition When a unit with any models with the ...

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