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The closest program that I can suggest for doing this is with Tabletop Simulator. It is a program on Steam that is a physics engine with a wide variety of pre-loaded boardgames and tens of tools that allow you to emulate virtually any table-top game imaginable. In fact, the game has it's own Workshop application that has tens of thousands of games, sets and ...


Nope, IWND is absolutely useless on any model with only one wound...and thus, wracks do not benefit from it in the slightest. The only models which will really benefit from IWND are characters and Grotesques, since they have multiple wounds each. In practice, however, Grotesques are the primary benefactors of the ability, since it is pretty easy to Instant ...


According to the first wiki article you linked to, Storm Giants are most likely a successor chapter of the Salamanders, which means they should probably be played using Salamanders chapter tactics. However, also according to the same wiki article you linked to, (in universe) the true founding chapter of the Storm Giants is unknown... The fact that it is the ...


Your choice really. If you take a formation you generally aren't Battle Forged (you get formation benefits instead)... However all you need to be Battle Forged is an HQ and two Troops. If your formation includes that you can choose whether to play it as Battle Forged or as the Formation.

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