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Your seargent is pointless. when you attack in combat you choose a weapon to attack with, so your seargent would either A) attack with his power fist, 1 attack basic + 1 if vetran + 1 if charging, hitting at strength 8 and ap2 B) attack with his lightningclaw, 1 attack basic + 1 if vetran + 1 if charging, hitting at strength 4 and ap3 and rerolling to ...


I have found that the more upgrades on assault marines makes people want to kill them quickly, but the beauty of assault marines is when they are vanilla with meltas (bolt pistol, chainsword) with more bodies, people ignore them because of bigger more terrifying units on the board, like terminators or HQ squads. But they make enemies fold really quickly ...


You could always take Ezekiel and say he counts as a Grey Knights librarian. Remember they are your models, and you can paint them how you like. Nobody can object because you used a slightly different model.


Short answer: in the 7th edition of WH40k, you can create an X point Unbound army from any units you have, so yes. (Note that Unbound armies have some limitations when it comes to holding objectives, etc., so look it up in the rulebook.) Longer answer: based on your comment to your question and depending on what rules your game group has on army building, ...

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