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Unfortunately you've hit on something that the rules are fairly unclear about. A simple rules-as-written reading would imply that the units that are participating in the coordinated firepower strike count as the same unit - so yes, you could use a railgun to insta-kill a T6 creature. Similarly, the two pieces of special gear you can get on a commander that ...


You've answered your own question. If the entry for them listed 2 pairs of lash whips, then you would indeed get an extra attack (per the Tyranid paired melee rule). Since it doesn't you don't get any. So 2 attacks, 3 on the charge, barring some other circumstance.


Yes, this is entirely possible under certain circumstances You see, the core rules have a section where you can make your war-band. One of the options that you have is taking multiple detachments. Since there are no real restrictions on transports on what they move, unless they are "Allies of Convenience" or worse, so long as they are paid for, you can have ...

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