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Games Workshop have replied to my email: Thanks for the email. I can confirm for you that the iBook contains everything that the physical copy contains except the paper! I hope that this helps, but if you need anything further, please let me know. Kind regards Lydia It looks like iBook has a complete ruleset too.


Yes you can. You can reform if: You win the round of combat Or if you lose combat, hold and pass an unmodified leadership test. I believe there is a limit to how many columns you can adjust per turn (from memory I think it's 5) however there should be no problem going from 10 columns to 5. Assuming your models are on 20mm bases this will give you 4 ...


You've got some tricky scenarios there - I'll do my best (with diagrams) Scenario 1 What happens if EUnitA kills FUnitA but not the general? The first thing to test for is whether the general runs away, given he's flanked, outranked and has had his entire unit die around him this is a very real possibility. I'll assume he doesn't either because he's ...

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