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No Juragedo does not always cause a replay. A replay only occurs if the number of monsters on the field changes while an attack is being declared, but before the damage step. Therefore Juragedo can cause a replay, but does not always cause one. If Juragedo is summoned as soon as the Battle Phase starts, then a replay will not occur, but if it is summoned ...


This is only a partial answer. The core technology originated out of 3M. I'm not sure this link takes you to the "actual" technology used in the cards, but this is an application of that technology. 3M developed the first holographic driver's licenses etc.


Pulsar says when, tuningware says if. When Pulsar is sent to the grave during synchro summoning is in the middle of a resolving chain, and nothing can occur other than the resolving chain. However tuningware and similar cards that say if only require it to go to the grave sometime during a chain to have their effect go off


It would depend on whose turn it is. The turn player has priority, which means that their effect goes onto the chain first. If the turn player has a Goyo Guardian for example, and they attack a graydle, then Goyo's effect is chain 1. Then the graydle's effect goes onto chain 2. The chain is resolved backwards, which means that the graydle effect happens ...

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