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1) One per room. 2) No. Quoting rules summary: Opening the first door in a building (except the start area) generates Zombies in each zone. For each zone, draw a Zombie card and place them accordingly.


Yes, zombies of that type get an immediate activation. Do not discard that card and draw another, do whatever is on the card. Nothing will spawn in room/zone of the corresponding "special" card. This is covered in the first page of the FAQ Q: When spawning the Zones of a building I just opened, what happens if I draw an extra activation or manhole card? ...


I would say that any games that include decks of cards and do not specifically tell you to arrange the cards in a particular order assume that the cards are shuffled prior to playing. Getting them in order is time consuming and unusual, so it would need to be specifically mentioned if that was the intent.


From the rule book (page 8) under the Opening a Door heading, you draw one card for each room (aka Zone). Opening the first door of a building reveals all Zombies which are inside. Point to each Zone of the building, one after the other, drawing a Zombie card each time. Place the corresponding number of Zombies on the correct Zone (see Zombie's turn). ...


The official rules for Zombivors are now available here. Quick recap: Death and zombie infection can’t turn a real hero into a monster . Your favorite Survivors can make it back to the game as Zombie heroes called Zombivors! When your Survivor is eliminated by Zombies, you can turn him into a Zombivor: flip his Identity Card and savor a ...


It seems like the likelihood of drawing a three damage weapon is quite low with all the cards together. S1 alone is the worst. S1+S2 is about the same as just S2. Adding TCM greatly improves the odds. S1: 2/52 = 3.8% (2 sets of Molotov ingredients) S2: 3/71 = 4.2% (2 sets of Molotov ingredients, Concrete Saw) S1+S2: 5/123 = 4.1% S1+TCM* = 5:/69 = 7.2% ...


The version 3 rules have been updated to read: Shuffle the Zombie cards into one deck and the Equipment cards into another, then place them face down close to the board Which makes things clearer. I still stand by my point that for a "gentler" start, having the Zombie deck in order is a good way to start, but for greater challenge a shuffled deck is ...

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