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Monster slug-a-thon game where players move units around, recruit terrain-based troops, and beat up each other for world domination.
'Rise and Fall of the Third Reich", a grand strategic wargame by Avalon Hill:; one of their classics.
a push-your-luck card game introduced as a mini-game in Fall From Heaven II, a popular mod for the Civilization 4 PC game. Somnium is played with a deck of 54 cards:…
"similar," but not the same in concepts, mechanics, etc.
commonly know as "the meeting of chess and Magic: The Gathering". In it, players command a faction (with its own soldiers, heroes and summoner) in a battle against each other where th…
a pattern recognition card game that challenges a player to make matches – dubbed "Swishes" – before opponents.
Stefan Feld's Roma, a game featuring unique card and dice play.
a full size expansion for Eclipse.
a fast 5- or 6-card point-trick game of the marriage type for 2–4 players, played with 20 or 24 cards.