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A game played by rolling two 'pigs', which are essentially dice with a unique probability distribution. Various results will give you different amounts of points or reset your total to zero for this t…
A two-player strategy board game invented by Swiss mathematician Blaise Müller.
An abstract strategy game where players compete to advance their pawn to the opposite end of the board.
A 2013 tile placement game where players compete to create the greatest country over several generations.
A mystery-themed board game by Days of Wonder involving monks attempting to solve a murder
A card game about eskimo hunters, with the biggest boaster being sent on a hunt.
A miniature skirmish game involving gangs fighting in a futuristic hive underworld.
A version of Monopoly featuring 3D buildings of varying types and new rules.
An overarching storyline describing in-universe events within the setting of a game.
Players put pieces of art up for auction in the hopes of making a profit. Part of the Knizia auction trilogy.
a tactical combat game about planetary warfare to solve the resource struggles of an overstretched interstellar civilisation, which encourages use of LEGO models for…
A variation of Monopoly where the first player to have a million dollars wins.
a game developed by Games Workshop for small warbands in the Warhammer Fantasy setting.
A Two-player reflection and deduction game with hidden roles, based loosely on the historical figures of Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper.
A multiplayer variant where multiple players work together against a single player. This format utilizes Scheme cards.
An economic speculation game in which players compete to gain the most profit from good shipments.
The card game version of The Game of Life.
A card game about people on a lifeboat vying for supplies before they reach land.
A game for toddlers and their parents involving balancing frogs on waterlilies on stilts.
A dungeon crawling card game designed to be playable by young children as well as adults
A game where players compete to be the closest ally of King Henry V of Lancaster.
A two player card game produced by Fantasy Flight Games and set in the Star Wars universe.
a pattern recognition card game that challenges a player to make matches – dubbed "Swishes" – before opponents.
"similar," but not the same in concepts, mechanics, etc.