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created Apr 27 at 2:15
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The second big-box expansion to Eldritch Horror, focusing on the mysteries of Giza Egypt
created Apr 16 at 7:00
created Apr 15 at 14:18
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created Apr 13 at 10:41
A word game described as "verbal Battleships" in which players use a grid to deduce an opponent's word
created Apr 13 at 2:44
An expansion for Pandemic that adds a new challenge which changes the way a cure is developed. It also adds rules for playing solo or in teams of two with up to 6 people.
created Apr 10 at 9:51
A German multiplayer board game by Klaus Teuber in which players attempt to rebuild their town. Rethemed as "Wacky Wacky West"
created Mar 31 at 23:36
× 8
A version of Pandemic involving persistent gameplay, including permanently altering the board and tearing up cards.
created Mar 29 at 18:46