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created 9 hours ago
a fantasy card game by White Wizard Games which aims to recreate the TCG-style experience from a single box. (description from BGG)
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the fantasy setting of Zombicide.
created Jul 5 at 8:24
A military strategy game involving the free peoples of Middle Earth banding together their armies to fight Sauron and his forces.
created Jul 1 at 22:45
A worker placement and resource management game where players compete to build the best Indian palaces
created Jul 1 at 22:33
created Jun 30 at 23:15
competitive card game for 3 to 8 players in which players try to be, or capture, the monster.
created Jun 28 at 19:48
created Jun 27 at 15:19
1882, and the Old Ones arrived seven hundred years ago. The majority of people accept their monstrous rulers. However, the invention of dynamite has changed the balance of power and a band of re…
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created Jun 25 at 23:50
A 2009 game in which players compete for the most profitable trade goods. Not to be confused with the 2002 "Master of Venice" (singular).
created Jun 25 at 20:40
created Jun 22 at 13:56
created Jun 22 at 13:56
an Italian fishing card game. (This tag is NOT for card games played at casinos, see [playing-cards] instead.)
created Jun 21 at 4:26
created Jun 20 at 4:00
created Jun 14 at 21:44
a comprehensive crowdsourced online catalogue of the products in the world of board games, combined with forums, reviews, and other community features.
created Jun 12 at 5:43
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created Jun 9 at 17:56
the first large-box expansion for Fantasy Flights' Arkham Horror board game.
created Jun 9 at 17:54
A pawn-moving board game that originated in ancient India. The westernized version is called "Parcheesi".
created Jun 9 at 12:51