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created Oct 20 at 17:24
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a 3-5 player sandbox style competitive space adventure board game with light RPG elements.
created Oct 20 at 16:48
created Oct 19 at 0:12
Players place stones on a board of squares until one of them gets five in a row, column, or diagonal.
created Oct 19 at 0:07
created Oct 19 at 0:06
created Oct 19 at 0:05
created Oct 19 at 0:05
A game played by rolling two 'pigs', which are essentially dice with a unique probability distribution. Various results will give you different amounts of points or reset your total to zero for this t…
created Oct 19 at 0:02
A trick-taking game where players aim to take exactly as many tricks as they bid at the beginning of the game. Played with a standard 52-card deck plus 4 Wizards that automatically win the trick and 4…
created Oct 19 at 0:01
created Oct 19 at 0:01
German for 'game of the year', spiel-des-jahres is an award given annually to a game that exhibits excellence in design.
created Oct 18 at 23:59
one of the oldest known board games.
created Oct 18 at 23:51
created Oct 18 at 23:50
A game were players must find 'sets' in a layout of 12 cards. There are four characteristics that take on one of three values on each card, and a set is a group of three cards that have either all the…
created Oct 18 at 23:48
created Oct 18 at 23:47
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created Oct 17 at 1:16
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created Oct 16 at 8:52
a post-apoclyptic cooperative survival game. The players each control a group of survivers that are part of the same colony. They work together to achieve a main…
created Oct 13 at 1:06
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created Sep 26 at 18:21
created Sep 22 at 13:25
Warhammer Quest was a fantasy dungeon, role playing, adventure board game released by Games Workshop in 1995 and set in the Warhammer world.
created Sep 21 at 14:57
created Sep 20 at 21:19
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For questions about the official Magic: the Gathering Online client.
created Sep 15 at 23:14
created Sep 11 at 15:37