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3-6 Greek gods (players) manipulate the wind in an attempt to control the path of Odysseus across the mediterranean sea.
created Aug 20 at 13:27
created Aug 19 at 2:30
created Aug 17 at 21:47
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Cardgame for 2-5 players that was succesfully Kickstarted in 2015. "It is a highly-strategic, kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette."
created Aug 12 at 2:03
a two player game based on the Japanese animated series.
created Aug 10 at 13:06
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created Aug 7 at 21:41
a pirate racing game for 2-6 players with playtime between 30-60 minutes.
created Aug 5 at 11:54
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created Aug 3 at 18:33
not really working, but creates complications and traps for weaker players.
created Jul 29 at 12:00
An expansion to Dixit, with extra cards and support for up to 12 players.
created Jul 23 at 12:55
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A collectible game for two players who control a team of super-powered characters from comic books, cartoons and other universes. Players field characters with dice determining the character stats and…
created Jul 22 at 17:08
created Jul 22 at 16:38
created Jul 22 at 4:48