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I work as a technical agile coach at a healthcare company, programming primarily in C# and now Java. Current projects include evolving a supply chain management data hub into a scaling solution capable of handling tomorrow's capacity needs. I'm also a board member and organization secretary for Agile Denver, which promotes lean and agile delivery methods across the Colorado Front Range.

I am dedicated to constant improvement. As a programmer, I experiment in other languages like Node.js, Angular.js, Scala and F#. And I am pursuing an MBA in order to gain a deeper understanding of delivering software that's of value to businesses.

When I'm not working, I enjoy board games, hiking, soccer, and tabletop roleplaying games.

comment Are there any dice games you can play with a standard 7-die set?
I love Button Men and recommend it as an RPG game day filler during a store run or the like.
comment The Nexus - when does its ability resolve?
Perfect, thanks for confirming my intuition!
comment Which circumstances make one favour track better than another in Caylus?
Thank you for the feedback. I concede, it's not a complete answer. Based on my experience on other Stack Overflow sites, I'm surprised no one helped me refine this answer at the time. Unfortunately, I haven't played Caylus since shortly after this post, so I'm not in a position to comment further.
comment Which circumstances make one favour track better than another in Caylus?
It's unclear to me why this was downvoted. While I didn't use the term "best", I did directly address the question.