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I love to play and analyze all kind of games, as long as the luck factor is smaller than the skill factor.

The games I play best are Go (currently around 1dan, highest rank 3dan in 2007) and No-Limit Hold'em Poker. I also enjoy Dominion, Carcasonne, Settlers of Catan, Bluff, Magic the Gathering, Atlantis, Munchkin Quest and similar games.

comment Does Day of Judgment remove hexproof / shrouded creatures?
@edem : You explicitly need the keyword "target" on the card. Day of Judgment does not destroy "target creatures" but "all creatures".
comment Can I choose “Artifact Creature” as a creature type as Adaptive Automaton enters the battlefield?
ghoppe: Interesting... I don't have blue in the deck in question but it might be interesting for other decks. adamjford: I have 4 Tempered Steel in my Deck, they are really key to winning. I also experimented with Steel Overseers, but they are usually too slow to really pay off in my deck.
comment How can I tell when to take a mulligan in Magic?
+1: Great question. I am struggling with this topic myself and hope for good answers :).
comment What happens when I sacrifice a blocking creature?
+1: Thanks for the quick response. I especially like the turn structure table. This will help me a lot in the future.
comment Which effect triggers first in MTG: Mage Slayer or Mystifying Maze
+1: Thanks for the answer, that makes it much clearer! I'll accept the answer on Monday if no contradicting replies appear until then. Thx!
comment What chess-opening does this cat play
+1: The result looks similar, I guess the cat just plays some strange moves that are even weaker than the moves in the classic Scholar's Mate. I'll accept the answer tomorrow if no one comes up with a better variation.