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I am a graduate student in computational chemistry at the University of Georgia. My undergraduate degrees are in Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer Science, and I continue to pursue interesting computer science problems both as a hobby and as part of my job as a graduate student.

Basically, I like to make computers do cool things.

comment Do great Scrabble players ever turn in their tiles?
It should be noted that neither player in this game that you've referenced has a NASPA rating above 900. While most living-room Scrabble players would consider these two to be "good," they are certainly not great by the standards of Scrabble tournament play. (The game even included a phony 3 letter word, which is generally a major indicator of mediocre Scrabble play). Also, many of the examples of exchanges in this game are not very good ones. The full NASPA write up of the 830 game can be found here