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comment When are players obligated to tell their opponent that the storm count is wrong?
Regarding the answer: we know that players may not misrepresent derived or free information. I would think that, by increasing the value on the spindown to (previous value + 2), Alice is misrepresenting the storm count. Is there some reason that's not the case?
comment In magic the gathering can I tap a creature at the attacking/blocking phase?
Good answer, but it might be worth pointing out that even though your opponent can't rush you through a phase, it doesn't mean you can just wait for your opponent to declare attackers and then back up and try to tap something. Rushing you through a phase only means that they didn't even give you a chance to play something in that phase if you wanted to.
comment What qualifies as a “monocolored creature”?
@corsiKa I only offered devoid as the most prevalent example of cards whose color is not determined by their mana cost. I would expect the general idea of such cards to keep popping up every now and then for a long time.
comment What qualifies as a “monocolored creature”?
Especially with devoid being a thing now, I'd suggest updating "Monocolored cards have only one color of mana in their cost."
comment Does Hellkite Tyrant in combination with Mycosynth Lattice steal lands?
By the way, the phrase "player damage" is rather odd to my ear. I guess you meant damage dealt to a player, but it just seems strange because who or what the damage is dealt to is not a property of the damage itself. (For comparison, we say "deathtouch damage", "infect damage", "lifelink damage", etc. because those are effectively properties of the damage - though if you want to get technical they're properties of the source.)
comment Is a white/black deck viable?
Banding? Oh, please don't suggest banding to a new player :-P (It doesn't even exist on recent cards anyway)
comment What is “summoning sickness” and how does it affect my creatures?
Suggestion: it might be worth adding "informal" to the first sentence to emphasize that summoning sickness is not really an official rules term. But maybe that's just me. A good - long, but generally good - answer (and question) nevertheless.
comment How can creatures with indestructible end up in the graveyard?
Goblin Welder's current Oracle text calls for the player to sacrifice the artifact, which suggests that being exchanged or placed into the graveyard is something they've tried to eliminate from the game, though I'm not sure if that's really the case.
comment What order do triggered abilities happen in if multiple things trigger at the same time?
@Pacerier Chasm Skulker, Fate Unraveler, Keranos, and probably more (I stopped looking).
comment Can a creature be killed by damage from two different instants?
@FreeAsInBeer incidentally, they're not counters. I guess you could use some sort of physical object to help you track how much damage a creature has taken in the turn so far, but counters are a separate thing in Magic, with a specific meaning in the rules.
comment I am really confused on how corpseweft works?
I'm not even sure if that suggested wording works, because I think exiling multiple cards from a graveyard happens simultaneously. Though I'm not sure, so don't quote me on that. The larger point, that the card doesn't work like that and it would take some rather convoluted wording to make it do so, is absolutely valid.
comment Can I steal an opponent's aura by changing the target while it is on the stack?
Slight typo: "attack" -> "attach" after the first quote block.
comment Can a player redirect his attack if the defending player concedes?
Oh, and also it may or may not be worth mentioning that this seems to be a general principle in Magic: once you make a choice of any sort, the choice is locked in, and if it becomes invalid you don't get to change it.
comment Can a player redirect his attack if the defending player concedes?
IIRC I've seen a couple of rules that cover situations which are either impossible or sufficiently obscure that I can't figure out how they could happen. (I don't remember which ones.) So I don't think it's a good idea to take the presence of a rule describing situation X as evidence that situation X can actually occur.
comment Brutal Hordechief & Bloodthrone Vampire
Two things, in the interest of not confusing new players: you left out any mention of activating Brutal Hordechief's second ability, which of course has to be done before the declare blockers step; and in step 6, technically it's 11 individual triggered abilities that each make the opponent lose 1 life and the player gain one life.
comment Can I use a nonbasic land that taps and gives me either a red or white mana if I only have red mana in my deck?
Kurtis, I would echo @RemcoGerlich's question: what do (or did) you think happens when you tap a land for mana? Did you think it allowed you to pull a land card from your deck and put it into play? That's a very common misconception (so don't feel bad), but that's not how it works. If you did have that impression, I think that's the reason your question is confusing many people.
comment Do counters go away when the creature that gave them dies
@Jefromi I suppose technically one should mention that there are other kinds of counters, like -1/-1 counters and charge counters. But of course the point you make, that an effect does not use counters unless it includes the word "counter", is a good one.
comment “Whenever you draw a card” - does that include the beginning of each turn?
Hendrik, the point @JoeW wants to make (I think), which is a very good point, is that Magic cards are meant to be interpreted quite literally. If there were an exception, it would typically say so on the card. (There are a fair number of "exceptions" that are built into the rules of the game, and thus are not printed on cards, but generally you will do quite well by not worrying about those.) P.S. A strategic tip: gaining life is usually not very useful, and thus Horizon Chimera is not a very strong card.
comment Resolving an ambiguous game state caused by mixing restricted mana
@HaoYe (4 comments up) well, even in that case if you had the {1} you couldn't actually use it to cast Firespout. So the alternatives are being able to cast Firespout dealing 3 damage to flying and non-flying creatures, or not being able to cast it at all, and I think having the choice is strictly better. Of course this is getting off topic, so maybe something to take up in Board & Card Games Chat if anyone wanted to do so.
comment Why are MUD decks called MUD?
I think I've seen the same acronym (mis?)used for Mono-Blue Devotion.