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comment Bloodbowl - throw a rock, roll for injury or casualty?
No reference that I can find, but like Discord said, the CPU game is using injury rolls first. I've also seen the CPU game "stun" players which means there was not a casualty roll. I'll see if I can create a log of the event from a game if possible.
comment In Gin, What Happens When One Calls But the Opposing Player has A Lower Call Card?
From Wikipedia: Undercut (or underknocking) Occurs when the defending player has a deadwood count lower than or equal to that of the knocking player (this can occur either naturally or by laying off after a knock). In this case, the defender scores an undercut bonus of 25 points plus the difference between the two hands. (In some rule sets, the bonus is only 10 or 20 points, or is not awarded in case of a tie.)
comment Why is chasing the low considered a trap in Omaha Hi/Lo?
Also with chasing the low, if you catch the low, there's still the chance you'll be quartered. So you're not even guaranteed 1/2 pot if you hit the nut low.
comment Is there a way to approximate Hold'em blind increases to time a game?
How many players? The number of players is important.
comment Which boardgames need expansion sets before they work properly?
Interesting question. I cannot think of any, but then again if I didn't like how the base game played, I wouldn't be buying an expansion for it :)
comment Restoring worn-out deck of cards.
I finally got around to buying some sleeves. I'm surprised I've never heard of them up until I posted this question. I was skeptical, but they are actually much easier to shuffle with then I expected.
comment Dominion randomizer deck confusion
I prefer to use the blank cards to show a supply pile has run out. I would think a randomizer card as a place holder could be confusing.
comment How can I beat “Big Money” in Dominion?
+1 just for giving me an idea on a way to play single player. Play against a fictitious money only player.
comment Starting Hands in Texas Hold'em
@John Exactly :).
comment Starting Hands in Texas Hold'em
I was thinking of looking up that number. Guess it's farther down in the wiki article.
comment What games are suitable for a large number of people with only a pack of playing cards?
@JSBangs: Sounds good. Curious how do you determine who wins the trick if the two of same card is played?
comment What games are suitable for a large number of people with only a pack of playing cards?
I love this game, but I think it only plays well with 4 players. Any more then the suits get diluted and becomes more of guessing game then a strategy game.