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comment Can nonbasic dual lands such as “Azorius Chancery” be destroyed by the card text “destroy target land”?
Azorius Chancery doesn't add “Plains” or “Island” to your mana pool; it adds white mana and blue mana to your mana pool. The distinction is important. “Plains” is a card name and a land type; “white mana” is a type of mana.
comment How does Jandor's Ring work with modern Magic rules?
The nice thing about Jandor's Ring from a rules perspective is that the discard is a cost, so if you lose track of the last drawn card a judge can just declare that the cost can't be paid. With Sylvan Library, on the other hand, it's possible to enter a broken game state where you can't identify which cards to put back and you don't have enough life to pay to keep them.
comment How does Hypnotic Specter work in Two-Headed Giant?
Similarly, rule 810.7b describes what happens when an ability like annihilator interacts with the “defending player”.
comment In MTG, what happens when Sakashima the Imposter copies Halcyon Glaze?
Also, Sakashima's ability doesn't target.
comment What happens when an undying creature takes damage from a creature with deathtouch?
Your description of deathtouch's effects is good enough for practical purposes, but it isn't 100% correct according to my understanding of the rules. For example, if an indestructible creature receives damage from a source with deathtouch, and later stops being indestructible, it isn't destroyed, because of the specific wording of 704.5h.
comment What happens if the target of equipping dies?
You can't actually cast Red Sun's Zenith in response to the Equip ability, because Zenith is a Sorcery. You would need to use something like Galvanic Blast instead.
comment How fast can you win against a passive opponent in the Innistrad block format?
Stacking Wreaths and Dream Twists is good value. I like it!
comment How fast can you win against a passive opponent in the Innistrad block format?
I like this question. It's open-ended, but you can still compare different answers to see which ones are better. It will be interesting to see how things change when Avacyn Restored is released.
comment Does Harmonic Sliver have to destroy a permanent?
Technically the ability does “trigger”, but the triggered effect disappears from the stack as soon as it is placed there because a legal target cannot be chosen. The end result is essentially the same; the trigger never gets a chance to resolve and nothing is destroyed.
comment Playing around a flag bearer
I suspect that the targeting restriction on Ranger's Guile was added specifically to prevent people from being confused about what happens when you make your opponent's creature hexproof.
comment Do you die instantaneously if your life total hits 0?
Note that in earlier versions of the rules, life totals weren't checked until the end of a phase or combat, so you had plenty of time for the trigger to resolve and bring you above 0 life. I'm not sure when this changed to the modern ruling, but it was well after Force of Nature and Spirit Link were printed.
comment What does an Evil Twin of an opponent's Essence of the Wild look like?
Your answer implies (by omission) that neither creature gets the destroy-same-name ability, which I don't think is correct. The Twin should get the ability because it modifies the copy, and the Ghoul should also get the ability because copy-modifications are themselves copyable.
comment In Magic, can an ability target a permanent that is being sacrificed as part of that ability's activation cost?
Yes, the key part is whether the same creature can be both the target and the sacrifice. The rest of the scenario just sets the stage for why you might actually want to do that, since normally it would be a terrible idea.
comment What is the most effective creature that can be resurrected from the graveyard in MTG?
Note that the hand size restriction generally won't become relevant until the end of your opponent's next turn, so he still has one turn to find a solution or finish his combo.
comment Can someone explain the Damage on the Stack rule change?
Incidentally, you can use cards like Goblin Arsonist or Festering Goblin to achieve a similar effect. This is because their abilities are death-triggered instead of sacrifice-activated, and by the time the creature dies it has already done its 1 point of combat damage.
comment In MTG, what happens when a player loses in multiplayer?
The bear only returns when the ring's triggered effect resolves. However, it can never resolve, because the loser's effects are immediately removed from the stack. Since there is no effect compelling the bear to return from exile, it stays exiled indefinitely