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comment Mahjong - declaring another player dead
NMJL rules also allow for dead hands so knowing the rule set here is key to giving a correct response.
comment What is needed to play X-wing with 4 players?
To illustrate this, TableTop just had a 4 player episode of X-Wing using 2 teams of 2. You can watch it at
comment Where can I purchase extra wood pieces for Settlers of Catan?
@user1873 Sorry for the late reply. You can find viking parts at Mayfair also sells just the ships for one player unpainted at and full one player unpainted sets at
comment Where can I purchase extra wood pieces for Settlers of Catan?
Mayfair also sells theme sets to match up with the latest wooden edition of the game. These are called "Viking" pieces and come in the same range of colors in case you want a special set just for the larger board.
comment How is Words With Friends different from Scrabble?
This is also a very interesting article which helps explain why the boards differ and how Words With Friends avoids a copyright infringement lawsuit from Hasbro.…
comment Table-top Golf game with coins?
Thank you for posting this answer. You sent me down a search for this game and I happily ran into Nok-Hockey boards and Carrom which I played over many a summer in upstate NY. Brought back great memories from my childhood.
comment What is a Gateway Game?
I would also add that a Gateway Game is one that is relatively easy to learn how to play. i.e. the game mechanics and concepts are accessible to completely new players.
comment Which tournament format best emphasizes winning (as opposed to avoiding last place)?
Since wins are given the highest priority in the Swiss part of the tournament, the game play is really no different in the qualifiers vs the finals. A win will get you in so everyone is going for the win. The pressure to win is just ratcheted up during the single-elimination rounds. It is fairly rare that someone will have zero wins in the Swiss round and qualify for the finals based on points. I would equate this to The Amazing Race. During the Swiss rounds you are playing to not be in 17th place or lower. A win almost guarantees that. 2 wins definitely does.