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comment Clocking Android Netrunner
I will say, if this is a good answer, might I suggest you mark it as the accepted answer? :D Also, I agree with everything said here, but time does need to become a factor at some point. Wish my Kate deck was viable... :(
comment In Android: Netrunner, is there a bias towards a particular sub-type of ICE in corp decks?
Omega is expensive, but for kit, that might be all you need. If the corp doesn't try to install three ICE deep, Kit can Decode the first ICE and Omega breaks the last one. It's a suggestion only.
comment How do “Run” Events interact with effects that change the server you're running on?
You can find the answer to the Account Siphon question here, officially.… Basically, the FAQ shows a precedence. If the card says "Make a run on X", it actually should say "Make a run on X. If the run on X is successful...". So, for the future, I would use that as the precedence going forward, until told otherwise.
comment Does ice ever break in Netrunner?
To add to Twitch, it all also depends on the type of runner you are running as well. Corp/Runner combinations are very stark when you start looking at the different decks each of them will build. I'd go into that here, but suffice it to say, it's all about knowing your opponents. Early build-up of a HB deck with some good economy is great against a criminal, even if they get their economy flowing. But you can have an Anarch pile on viruses and make your ice defense look pitiful.
comment Should runners be able to tell the difference between installed upgrades and agendas/assets?
For this, I place all remote server cards next to each other, to let the runner know that there are N cards in the server.
comment Are encounters naturally weighted against players and how do we 'fix' it?
It honestly depends on what characters the players get, where the reinforcement locations are, and what the Overlord gets to use for reinforcements. I've had many situations where the overlord simply blocks up something with a big baddie we killed that turn. And since the game runs on a very tight timeline, you run the problem of needing to kill the stray monsters and complete objectives and keeping yourself up. There seems to be too many things the players need to focus on and not so much the Overlord.