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comment If they counter my Goblin Grenade, do I still lose my goblin?
@user1873, to be honest, I'm originally an unlimited edition player... I always struggled to keep up with the game after the introduction of Ice Age as since then I played much much less than I used to...
comment Can I block with my Llanowar elves and then tap it for mana immediately afterward?
In previous editions the Llanowar Elf in this situation would have not dealt damage (but would have survived). Would have become effectively a 0/4 creature.
comment Too many Tech-Victories seen in 2-player rules for Civilization
Thanks for claifying what "Civilization the BoardGame" you were mentioning. I removed my previous answer because I was referring to "another" Civilization the BoardGame, i.e. this: - that came before, by the way...
comment How can I play around graveyard hate?
I'd expect a deck packed with graveyard hate cards (from a side deck) to be pretty slow to deal damage to you, so having an alternative way to deal damage (besides graveyard) should be enough for you, even considering that you would have a side deck as well... Persoanlly, i found that side decks that allow you to "change the face" of your deck (in this case, from graveyard to aggro or aggro-control) are often more effective than a side deck selected only to protect you from particular focussed decks (land-shatter, discard, etc.): this way you can "attack" and run the show...;-)
comment How to describe the strengths and weaknesses of white to a new mtg player?
You're right, apologies! These are the cards that represent white uniqueness TO ME, and I'm obviously and old school, obsolete player ;-)
comment How can a blue control deck be made more efficient?
Not sure about the game format, but in my blue control deck I enjoyed playing Feldon's Cane (…) as you often play with quite a lot of islands in your deck and, after a while, when you have 6-8 islands in play or more, you want to re-shuffle your graveyard into your library in order to reduce the ratio of lands that you will draw in future turns.
comment Can Angel's Grace set your life total to 1 when you have Negative Life?
However, this is only until the end of the turn. As soon as the turn ends and the new upkeep starts, you are with one hit point and no more damage reduction effect (i.e. a single damage can kill you).
comment What happens to an Inkmoth Nexus that has had Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas' -1 ability used on it?
Sounds similar to the confusion around the good old Jade Statue...
comment How much collaboration is reasonable for a Two-Headed-Giant draft?
for slow playing, I know players that use the same clocks that are used by the "proper" chess players, and they say it works... between friends we prefer pure and simple peer pressure...
comment How do I make this zombie mill deck faster?
Ehm, I really meant "in general", i.e. without fancy/lucky combos kicking in at will... like here:‌​-deck-that-can-be-made ;-)