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comment Infinite loop where where both players choose to continue the loop
amazing question.
comment Regeneration specifics: activation of the ability in combat
@ghoppe see also the first sentence in my post.
comment How does Vorinclex's second ability work at the time of his death?
thats what i thought, thanks Stephen, you tend to answer most of my magic questions lol. (actually most of my questions are confirmations to challenges I receive in-game, the majority of the time I'm right but magic is so darn complicated at times I like to make sure)
comment Why would you want to play with a deck that had 3 or more colors in it in Magic? (limited and constructed)
I cant speak for everyone else, but most of my decks tend to be at LEAST 3 colors. And a good amount of them are all five. It can totally work well, if you build right for it.
comment How exactly does Xenograft work, and not work?
Ok, thats a start, but I need more information to quell all my questions, I've edited my question to hopefully help you help me.
comment Can Mirrorworks' ability be activated multiple times for the same artifact?
Holy wall of text. Good Job! +1. This is one of the rare situations I'm upset that I can only upvote an answer once.
comment How does trample work against infect?
Thanks, I've been a member on gaming.SE for a while now, and it just now occured to me that I can ask MTG related questions here so I was like YEAH! (god MTG creates so many interesting situations so often, that a site like this is golden)