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Young and dynamic consultant for AUSY (French IT Company) at Renault Trucks, in france. Member of the team in charge of developing and maintaining applications for diagnostic of trucks. I am in charge of analysis and conception of the next applications to be developped.

comment Sea of Blood seems broken, what did we miss?
Thank you for your answer, I will take time to comment it properly when I discuss all this with my friends.
comment Are encounters naturally weighted against players and how do we 'fix' it?
I'm not really familiar with the rules but I think there is a reinforcement marker for the overlord preventing him to "plug the holes" too quickly. If you can't manage to kill the monsters fast enough then I fail to understand how.
comment Is the target for an ability part of the cost?
Keep in mind that if you have just one artifact in play, you will have to destroy it, even if you don't want to. Beware when, for example, you have permanents passively changing the types of other cards that could turn yours into, say, an artifact creature... (No example, sorry)
comment How does a Loyal Cathar react to Undying Evil?
If I remember correctly, the active player has the choice to what order is used in such a case.