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comment Minimum bid rule for Monopoly auctions
I now recommend the following simple house rule: Any new bid must be at least 10% higher than current high bid. This is simple and enough to keep the bidding from dragging on and on. Been playing this way with my sons and need to help my 1st grader by announcing the next allowable bid.
comment Clarifying house rules for Monopoly
I like buying up houses to block other's development as a good bit of strategy. But it does catch some other players off guard, so best to get agreement on this. Have allowed player's to sell the get out of jail free card, but only to another player and usually at a significant discount from $50.
comment Minimum bid rule for Monopoly auctions
Basically these rules come from a mixing of the eBay rules (#1) and a diluted version of poker min raising rules (#2). Rule a little more complicated than ideal, but the auctioneer can keep things moving with a "Do I hear [min bid]?" call.
comment Minimum bid rule for Monopoly auctions
I would recommend an initial requested opening bid as the mortgage value of the property. Certainly someone should be willing to pay that much.