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I work in in-bound marketing, I live in the UK (NW England) and was born and raised in Wales. I live with my partner, having successfully reverted him to his gaming roots. We are allowed to share a home with our overlord Zeus, a ginger cat who is actually part horse, part monkey.

Gaming has defined who I am for a long time; even when I didn't play myself I used to watch my parents and brother playing console games. Some (many) of my memories of being a kid have games as a focal point.

Games I remember fondly include Zelda: a Link to the Past, Vib Ribbon, Duke Nukem, Doom, Hogs of War, and many more.

I consider my own first gaming love to be The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. Not the first game I played but the first I spent time thinking about when I wasn't playing. My last two major PC upgrades have coincided with Elder Scrolls releases. By accident. Ahem.

Why I'm a PC gamer, not a console gamer - keyboard & mouse, modding, community, World of Warcraft owns part of my soul (you're never really free of it, even if you stop paying them)

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