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Game programmer and designer (PC and consoles) since 1991, in C at first and then C++. I also use Python seriously and other languages semi-seriously (currently doing some hobby stuff in Clojure). Emacs zealot.

Games include Ultima Underworld, System Shock, Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri, Frequency, Amplitude, Eyetoy: Antigrav, Guitar Hero (plus 2), Rock Band (plus 2, Beatles, 3).

comment 1953 version of Scrabble includes 4 wooden dice - why?
Hmm, neither donaldsauter.com/scrabble-dating.htm (history of Scrabble hardware) or donaldsauter.com/scrabble-rules.htm (history of Scrabble rules) mentions anything about dice. Is it possible that the dice came from a different game?
comment Restrictions around promoting a pawn
Many sets of chess pieces have two queens of each color for this reason. (The other possible cases, like promoting to a third rook, would basically never come up in an actual game.) In a tournament, if you are going to promote to a piece that you don't have an extra instance of, you can stop the clock and ask the tournament director to provide one (from a different set).