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comment House rules to decrease luck factor in Boxcars
Oh, the current version of the game already instructs you to do just this (roll for region and choose any home city).
comment How can we use multiple Carcassonne expansions without the game taking forever?
I feel like a time-limited game would significantly change the strategy with fields. The value of the fields grow as the game progresses. If the game is going to end early, a late-game field strategy is definitely not as useful. If nothing else, the player not winning fields could simply prolong the game.
comment Flash Point without the Deck Gun?
Tried this once where any player could spend 2 AP to drive the firetruck (same as the ambulance) or 2 AP to fire the deck gun (without the ability to reroll). This seems a lot better, but I'll have to give it a few more tries to gauge how much this alters the game difficulty.
comment Flash Point without the Deck Gun?
My problem isn't that the Driver/Operator is too good, per se, but rather that the fact that he's necessary. Doing away with the Driver/Operator is virtually a guaranteed loss.
comment Are there any alternative rules for Settles of Catan to rely less on luck?
What's the best way to keep track of these trades in the futures market? I've tried this casually without writing things down, for instance, and it turned into a charity instead.